Bishop Frank White

LI's Bishop Frank White

Elected to Highest Governing Body of
National Church

Bishop Frank O. White

Freeport’s Bishop Captures an Overwhelming Vote in Memphis to Become the Northeast Region’s First General Board Member in Over A Decade.

One week after the nation’s most historic Presidential Election, Long Island’s own Bishop Frank O. White of Freeport has been elected to the General Board of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

Bishop White’s election to the highest governing body of the Church coincides with the completion of his fourth term as the National Church’s Financial Secretary. At the same assembly, the Rev. Frank Anthone White was elected to succeed his father in this office.

Both Bishop W hite and Rev. White offer the Church an extensive portfolio of experience in business, church management, religious education, social and economic programs for the entire community as evidenced by Zion Cathedral’s widely-recognized Vacation Bible School, Afterschool Tutorials, Big Brothers’ Summer Mentoring Program and the 500-student MKW Religious Training Institute.

Just twenty years ago, Long Island celebrated the elevation of Bishop White to the Office of Jurisdictional Prelate of the Third Eccle­si­astical Jurisdiction, Eastern NY with an oversight spanning a radius of more than 500 miles – from Niagara Falls to Southampton. Since then, Bishop White, while completing the 5.5 million-dollar Zion Cathedral of Freeport, has expanded the jurisdiction’s satellite teaching branches throughout Nassau, Suffolk, Queens & Brooklyn, presided over by former Amityville School District Educator, Dr. Juliet White.

The quadrennial election, which took place at Memphis’ Cook Convention Center, seated a delegation of just over 3,800. In a stunning victory, both Bishop White and Rev. White carried more than 56% of the vote of the church’s national constituency. While tens of thousands of non-voting delegates waited at local ho­tels in Downtown Memphis, at last, the election results were announced at 12:30pm (CST) by the Chairman of the General Assembly.

Culminating a nine-month campaign headed with the slogan – “It’s Time to Turn the Page” – which by the summer, had caught-on across the country – Bishop White stands eager to work with the Church’s Int'l Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake of Los Angeles in facilitating his 5-point urban initiative. Among other points, this agenda calls for an increase in support of global missions and advocating for crime reduction.

A black-tie Inaugural Celebration will take place Monday, May 18, 7pm at the Crest Hollow Country Club of Woodbury, 8325 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY.

For Inauguration Ceremony info, visit www.cogic.org or call Mark Beavers 516-367-8343 / 864-3418 beavers@cshl.edu.

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